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Outdoor Media

Whatts It's a company that specializes in providing services for the outdoor advertising media. We develop marketing strategies to promote your product or service wherever it is. We offer several services, such as Guerrilla projections,  scooter caravans, ad bikes (bicycle billboards), walking boards, walking tvs , Adways  (segways) and our unique and largest mobile led screen called Mamonpantalla using all our media  we can create unique strategies for your campaigns. 

Guerrilla projections

Mobile units with huge format projectors set in our completely autonomous units...

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Mamonpantalla is a moving, expendable, outstanding, amazing, incredible huge led screen (the biggest in Latin America)...

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It is an all-terrain segway caravan...

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Add bikes

Bicycles are aesthetically designed and strategically planned to travel carrying images on both side...

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(Mobile) Posters are perfect to reach target audiences in specific areas, offering the ability to get customers when and where necessary...

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Joy Ride

Is an electrical, ecological and innovative vehicle. In addition to the advertisement on the sides and back of JOYRIDE...

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They are striking scooter type motorcycle towing a light box the size of a bus shelter...

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Walking Tvs

It’s an LCD mobile screen of 19 inches...

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Charge station that has a 7 "OLED screen in which you can play any type of content...

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